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Australian Red Meat Industry’s Digital Strategy Forum

14 October 2016

The digital future of the Australian red meat industry was on the agenda at a unique forum hosted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in Brisbane on Thursday 6 October.

The Australian Red Meat Industry’s Digital Strategy Forum was an opportunity for every participant in the value chain to hear about new digital opportunities and participate in the development of a digital strategy for the red meat and livestock industry.

The forum was part of the next phase in the development of MLA’s Digital Value Chain Strategy – click here for more information.

A range of domestic and international experts presented at the forum and challenged the red meat industry on the real potential for individual businesses and value chains from new technology and big data - and how to realise it.  Key topics included:

  • What is digital agriculture and what are the opportunities for the red meat industry?
  • What are the current opportunities for digital technologies on farm and in the supply chain?
  • How might digital technologies ‘disrupt’ our industry in the future?
  • How can the value chain better capture and utilise big data?
  • What are the key challenges to overcome for our industry to capitalise on the opportunities?

To find out more about the outcomes from the Workshop and Forum, please click on the following links:

Digital Value Chain Strategy Forum and Workshop Summary Report

Digital Value Chain Strategy – Participant Input Summary

Speakers included (click on the names below to view a PDF of individual presentations):

Watch a summary video below:

Watch some of the individual presentations below:

Michael Whitehead

Steve Sonka

Dr Graham Gardner

Andrew Cooke

Jarrod Payne

Tracey Gosling

Mark Branson

Dr Gerard Davis

Ben van Delden

Dr Drewe Ferguson

Rob Ford

Mick Keogh

Tom Maguire

Prof. Paul Martin

Peter Richardson