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Environmental Credentials platform

Environmental Credentials platform

Empowering red meat producers to demonstrate sustainable practices to the supply chain.

What is it?

The Environmental Credentials platform provides an accessible (low to no cost), user-friendly way for producers to show how their on-farm practices result in maintained or improved environmental sustainability. The platform can be shared with a variety of end users e.g. processors, retailers, banks, government etc, to demonstrate the sustainability of the product.

Environmental Credentials was developed by a consortium, led by MLA including University of Queensland and WWF Australia, in response to the growing demand from the red meat supply chain to reduce scope three emissions and report the industry’s environmental credentials.

More than 50 grassfed beef producers and supply chain participants were involved in the platform’s design, resulting in the content being based around five themes:

  1. Drought resilience
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Ground cover
  4. Tree cover and
  5. Carbon balance.

Access the platform: MLA Environmental Credentials

How does it work?

The platform utilises the MLA carbon calculator and the Cibo Labs remote sensing platform, self-guided learning modules and self-assessment checklists.


What is the Environmental Credentials platform:

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