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Brand building

MLA Indonesia continues to build awareness of the True Aussie brand positioning through dominant retail and foodservice exposure.  Innovative promotional events that support the Indonesian industry and promote Australian beefs positive attributes to consumers leverage from Australia’s dominant position as the preferred imported beef and help to retain strong positions at the retail shelf.

Australian red meat has a strong reputation in South Asia for its clean and safe image, positioning it favourably against its competitors. This has been previously communicated with the “Australian Beef natural and safe” as well as the “Australian Lamb fresh, easy and delicious” branding. With the introduction of the new global True Aussie positioning, MLA South Asia is transitioning from the old logos to the new True Aussie logo whilst retaining the previously communicated messages through imagery and emotive branding.

This rollout will continue through 2015/16 through the delivery of promotional activities to build awareness of True Aussie, as well as the dissemination of new point of sale material.

Underpinning the clean and safe messaging is Australia’s integrity and safety systems which are critical to Australian red meats credibility.  The communication and promotion of the industry’s meat safety systems underpins all activities in the Indonesian and South Asia market and this budget will continue to be used to support trade education and consumer promotions that deliver our safety messages.