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Transitioning to non-mulesed sheep workshop

25 Jun 2024 09:00AM - 25 Jun 2024 12:00PM

Sheep Sheep

Location: Pekina,SA

Geoff Lindon, Program Manager, Sheep Genetics & Animal Welfare Advocacy—AWI

  • Market feedback - latest NWD stats by state—premiums and discounts
  • Breech and body strike risk factors
  • Target visual scores and target ASBVs
  • Resistance to fly control chemicals

Andrew Michael, Leahcim Stud

  • ASBV’s important to mulesing transition, not just breech wrinkle
  • Evolution of Australia’s sheep flock moving forward to meet our market demands
  • Value adding wool and meat products within the sheep flock to increase profitability into the future

Farmer panel—Richard & Michelle McCallum, Jim Kuerschner & Dave Clarke

  • Will share their considerations, experiences and management strategies in transitioning to non-mulesed sheep

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