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Enhanced features coming to eNVD app and web

11 March 2024

A range of new features are coming to the eNVD web-based system and Livestock Consignments App in March 2024.

These changes expand access and functionality for users across the red meat supply chain and include:

  • Expanded access to the web-based eNVD system for users beyond producers. This includes transporters, agents, saleyards, police and authorised officers, state departments, on-plant vets and other buyers and receivers. Previously these users could only gain access through the eNVD mobile app.
  • Adding attachments to consignments. Producers can now add a range of declarations as they are completing a consignment, with these forms visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on either eNVD platform.
  • Leaving comments on consignments. Receivers, transporters and other authenticated viewers can now add comments to a consignment, and these will be visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on either eNVD platform.
  • Daily alerts. The eNVD system now sends daily emails to consignment receivers, alerting them to any consignments arriving that day and any consigned to them during the previous 24 hours.
  • Splitting a single consignment between multiple buyers. The new system allows a saleyard or agent to split a consignment and allocate stock to individual buyers.
  • Expanded access for authenticated viewers. Special access now enables transporters to edit the transport section by adding other drivers.

MAKE SURE you download the latest version of the app (and that your auto-updates are enabled) to enjoy this improved functionality as soon as it’s available.

In the meantime, follow these simple rules to get the most out of your eNVD app, even when you’re working offline.

DO ask your transporter and receiver if they are ready to accept paperless consignments.

DO share consignments when you’re offline by scanning the QR code on your eNVD app.

DO use the share option to forward your consignment by SMS or email.

DON’T forget to ask your receiver for their PIC number and make a record of it for future use.

DON’T screenshot the QR code to send via text or email (the QR code only works in the app).

DON’T scan the QR code using anything besides the eNVD app (no other app can read the data).

REMEMBER: You can use the eNVD app offline, but you must have an internet connection to log in.