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19 November 2018

MLA is seeking an independent chair and committee members for the newly created Goat industry research, development and adoption committee (GIRDAC).

The committee will act as an advisory group to provide recommendations on research and development (R&D) and extension and adoption (E&A) initiatives and investments for the Australian goatmeat and livestock industry. Membership will include commercial goat producers with value chain and subject matter experts recruited as required. Seven positions including the chair are open.

The committee will convene in person twice a year to review RD&A funding proposals, progress of existing projects and results projects concluding.

Relationship with MLA

GIRDAC will provide commercially relevant context, direction and feedback on RD&E priorities and RD&E proposals seeking MLA funding.

Authority of the committee and relationship with GICA

GIRDAC will operate independently to GICA as an MLA appointed and funded committee. The committee will have the authority to provide advice to MLA regarding RD&E levy investment and authorise RD&E initiatives on behalf of industry. This will include advice and endorsement relating to project management, setting R&D priorities, terms of reference development and review, appointment of service providers and review of current project progress.

Reports on the committee’s activities, recommendations and decisions will be formally provided to GICA biannually at GICA council meetings via those GICA members on the committee, the Committee Chair and an MLA representative to ensure the Peak Industry Council (PIC) is kept informed.

Submission of expressions of interest

Expressions of interest (EOIs) for the independent chair and committee positions should be submitted to MLA addressing the selection criteria. EOIs (not exceeding four pages) should be submitted to Julie Petty by COB 2 December 2018.

For further information, click here or contact

Julie Petty - MLA Goat Industry Project Manager