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MLA’s popular BredWell FedWell (BWFW) comes to Gibson, WA

10 July 2024

On 13 August 2024, Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) popular BredWell FedWell (BWFW) workshop will take place in Gibson, in southeastern Western Australia.

The BWFW workshops are a practical, one-day introductory workshop on how productivity and profitability can be improved through good breeding and feeding over the livestock production cycle, with a specific focus on profit drivers.

On the back of a decade of success, the BWFW workshops have been redeveloped to reflect evolving best practice genetics and nutrition management.

For producers who attend the workshop they will learn individualised tips and tricks to all things breeding and feeding sheep in order to maximise profit.

During the day, producers will:
• Develop a customised breeding plan for their sheep enterprise aligned to their profit drivers
• Identify sires and select animals that help them meet their objectives
• Learn about feeding flocks well to achieve objectives and maximise return on genetic investments.

The workshop will be hosted by Bruce, Trudy, Thomas and Courteney Pengilly from Penrose Poll Merino and Delivered by Caris Cornwall from Orion Ag.

At the introductory price of $200, this workshop will be held at the Gibson Football Club, Sarr Street, Gibson 6448 from 8:30am – 4pm.

For those who would like to attend the workshop, register via the MLA website: BredWell FellWell Workshop. Registrations close on 1 August 2024.