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New platform recruits and retains feedlot staff

10 May 2021

Key points:

  • Feedlot TECH training portal will launch in October 2021
  • Access feedlot-specific training, information on career pathways, and professional development opportunities.

The Feedlot training, education and careers hub (Feedlot TECH) is a web platform designed to showcase career and employment opportunities in the feedlot industry and house feedlot-specific training and professional development information for people in the industry and those wanting to join the industry.

Feedlot TECH is a joint project between Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) and follows a review and consultation process into the training and leadership development needs of lot feeders.

ALFA CEO, Christian Mulders, said Feedlot TECH is an exciting project that aims to address a key strategic goal in Red Meat 2030 to attract and retain people to our industry.

“Feedlot TECH will be a key resource designed to showcase feedlot industry careers and provide feedlot operators and individuals better access to training, professional development and career path opportunities,” Mr Mulders said.

“Building capable, high performing teams is the key ingredient to operational excellence and attracting the workforce of the future is essential for business continuity and growth.”

ALFA Career Development and Training Strategy Project Officer, Caela Dye, said being from Sydney meant she had minimal experience with agriculture but her experience navigating a career in the feedlot industry has helped pave the way for others.

“Following a university degree in animal bioscience and livestock production, I started in the feedlot industry as a trainee manager. I didn’t know much about the industry, what career opportunities were available or how I could take the next step with training and my career,” Ms Dye said.

“When I progressed to managing a team, the lack of readily accessible and centralised training and careers information came to have new meaning, when I saw the time and energy required to train or find new staff. Whether I viewed the gap as a new staff member or as a manager, the industry could improve these resources and there was a clear, high priority need for them to be developed to continue with growth of the sector.

“The new Feedlot TECH platform demonstrates feedlot career pathways, that aim to help attract and retain staff in the industry, which has been a key objective for feedlots and the broader meat and livestock sector.

“The reality is, the sector does have a wide range of career opportunities for all arrays of skills, qualifications and levels of experience, that there is something for everyone. Feedlots value teamwork, safety, a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn, plus they support people with an interest in and passion for agriculture. We just need to showcase this.”

Feedlot TECH will serve as a one-stop shop for all feedlot training and careers in the industry housing MLA feedlot research and development (R&D) resources (manuals, tips and tools and fact sheets) and a learning management portal.

A variety of online courses will be available including existing resources on antimicrobial stewardship, post-mortem series and how-to procedures for animal treatment administration.

A suite of engaging new e-learning courses are also being developed covering principals of nutrition and feeding operations and trucking and cattle transport.