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UK market opportunities for Australia

28 June 2022

The Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (A-UK FTA) was signed on 17 December 2021 and will open up new opportunities for Australian red meat exports after it enters into force, anticipated in the second half of 2022.

In Q1 2022, MLA conducted three new research studies to clarify and better understand the opportunities for Australian red meat in the UK market. A summary of the research was created for stakeholders to optimise the timely sharing, adoption and impact of the insights.

The key insight take-outs:

  • The UK has a large and growing middle class that prioritises meat safety and integrity, high spending on food and foodservices, enjoys red meat and forecast to increase red meat imports.
  • While UK retail has long run a campaign to ‘buy British’, consumers and trade are positively predisposed to Australian red meat, an affinity based on our shared culture and history.
  • Australia’s presence in the market has been limited to-date by EU market access restrictions. With Brexit and the A-UK FTA, raising awareness of the strengths of Australian red meat attributes – particularly safety, integrity, quality and taste – and production systems is the first step.
  • Sustainability concerns are growing among consumers and will need to be addressed as part of Australia’s red meat credentials.
  • The market is used to lean red meat of variable quality, presenting opportunities across all tiers for Australian quality consistency underpinned by MSA, as well as opportunities for Australian premium and grainfed product.

The a summary of the research has been provided to over 80 exporters so far and to numerous government partners, including the Australian High Commission in London.

Stephen Edwards has been appointed as MLA’s Business Manager. Stephen was previously MLA’s North America Regional Manager and has held a number of different senior management roles in industry. Stephen is currently connecting with exporters, prior to moving to the UK later in the year.