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Unlock world leading genetic benchmarking with Flock Profile

11 March 2024

Flock Profile is a cutting-edge tool allowing commercial Merino flocks to benchmark their genetic performance relative to industry via Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and indexes.

Flock Profile uses the information from 20 randomly genotyped animals from your client’s current drop of ewes, providing an accurate snapshot of a flock's genetic merit. 

Undertaking a Flock Profile will allow you to understand your clients’ flock's average ASBVs and current genetic position, which will allow for more informed purchasing and breeding advice.

The results are provided in ASBV units, allowing comparison to industry. Results will include flock average ASBVs for key production trait groups including:

  • industry indexes
  • fleece quality and quantity
  • growth
  • carcase
  • health and welfare

You can use this as a launchpad for better, more informed, selection, promoting an increased genetic gain. Clients who have undertaken Flock Profiling report that they use it in a range of ways, including:

  • Informing and confirming breeding objectives for their Merino enterprises.
  • Tracking genetic progress through purchasing repeated flock profiles a few years apart.
  • Identifying more and superior genetic ram sources that will suit their breeding objective.
  • Streamlining and improving the accuracy of ram purchasing decisions.
  • Gaining better information on their flocks’ genetic potential and clearer insight on the next steps for continued improvement.

With over 130 Flock Profiles delivered in 2023, you and your clients can take advantage of a world-leading genetic evaluation for sheep and tap into support and resources for better genetic gain.