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A review of phosphorus nutrition - research and development

Project start date: 01 January 1990
Project end date: 01 May 1992
Publication date: 01 May 1992
Project status: Completed
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This project was a contract review for the Meat Research Corporation conducted in January - April 1992. A survey conducted by QDPI in 1990 for MRC indicated extensive usage of phosphorus supplements in some areas of northern Australia. Many producers indicated a supplementation practice contrary to recommended advice and less than 25 % of producers identified P supplementation as an issue requiring further research. During the same period, a number of research projects related to phosphorus nutrition were completed with results relevant to industry.

This review was commissioned to collate relevant data on phosphorus nutrition, particularly as they relate to the breeding herd and to recommend additional R&D required to meet industry needs. There were a number of specific objectives:

i) to identify existing knowledge relevant to the use of fertilisers and supplements for phosphorus nutrition of both breeding and growing cattle;

ii) to indicate R&D that is being undertaken at present;

iii) to comment on the situation with diagnosis of phosphorus status in cattle;

iv) to identify the value of a case study approach as a methodology in determining further R&D; and importantly

v) to identify and prioritise worthwhile R&D required to increase the uptake of phosphorus nutrition technology in breeding and growing cattle.

In all, 55 scientists, extension officers, producers and consultants were interviewed. A further 10 written replies to a questionnaire were received.

More information

Project manager: Cameron Allan
Primary researcher: QDPI