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NLIS Database development and management

Project start date: 23 July 2012
Project end date: 30 June 2013
Publication date: 30 June 2013
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


NLIS Ltd has an ongoing program of enhancing the database to meet industry needs and testing the database to ensure it continues to perform. These specific projects are generally to engage consultants or contract staff to deliver these objectives:
V.NLI.0861 Scalability Testing Project; V.NLI.1063, V.NLI.1164, V.NLI.1241 NLIS Database Performance Testing: Database performance testing was undertaken on a regular basis to ensure the database will continue to perform as the number of animals, users and transactions in the system increases.
V.NLI.1061 NLIS Development Contract Resources: Contract resources were engaged to deliver work on NLIS projects including mob-based movement recording for sheep and goats, livestock data link, State Mirror databases and multi-species capability.
V.NLI.1061 NLIS Software Development and Migration: Thisproject saw the development of NLISConnect, the replacement for the EasyCheck package used by processors, and the development of a management tool for the NLIS Help Desk.
V.NLI.0965 NLIS Database Functional Scoping and Project Management:The engagement of a project manager to assist with NLIS projects such as Global Livetrack.
V.NLI.1162 NLIS Database Review Under the NLIS Terms of Use: NLIS was required to engage an external party to undertake a review of the NLIS Database and its management and administration every two years.
V.NLI.1166 & V.NLI.1466 NLIS Security Testing: The NLIS Database was regularly tested by a specialist database security organisation to ensure appropriate security was in place to protect the information held in NLIS.The recommendations of the organisation wereassessed and implemented as appropriate.
V.NLI.1242 ALM - CI and TFS: As part of its continuous improvement process, the NLIS Development team engaged a consultant to assist in the development of its application lifecycle management process, including implementation of continuous integration and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
V.NLI.1331 CMS Implementation: Engagement of consultant to develop an information architecture for NLIS content such as user guides and tech tips.
V.NLI.1366 Messaging and notifications: Engagement of a consultant to undertake a review of the messages and notifications delivered by the NLIS database and make recommendations for improvements.
V.NLI.1369 Architecture Roadmap Scoping: Engagement of consultants to scope the effort required to develop an enterprise architecture roadmap for the NLIS Database. This allowed a fixed price quote or the development of the roadmap itself.
V.NLI.1370 Architecture Roadmap: Engagement of consultants to develop a roadmap for the implementation of a new architecture for the NLIS Database. This roadmap has formed the basis of the NLIS Refresh project.
V.NLI.1362 Transition to Microsoft Test Manager: Engagement of a consultant to migrate the NLIS test procedures from the HP test product to the Microsoft Test Manager. This enabed improved processes and an increase in the efficency of the development team.
V.NLI.1363 Consult and mentoring for Scrum: Engagement of a consultant to implement the scrum development methodology in the development team and provide mentoring following implementation.
V.NLI.1365 Development of NLISConnect V2.0: Engagement of a contract programmer to make enhancements to the NLISConnect application used by Processing plants to facilitate uploads to NLIS.
V.NLI.1367, V.NLI.1467, V.NLI.1567 Data Warehouse and BI reporting: Engagement of consultants to design and develop the NLIS data warehouse. The data warehouse is a key component in the future architecture of the NLIS database.
V.NLI.1462, V.NLI.1562 NLIS Database Refresh Foundation Phase: Engagement of a consulting organisation to assist in the design of the upgrade to the NLIS Database being developed as Project Refresh.
V.NLI.1564 New NLIS User Interface: Engagement of consultants to assist with the design and development of new NLIS website and account creation page.