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Weed Biological Control (RnD4Profit-14-01-040) Project Coordination

Project start date: 01 July 2015
Project end date: 30 June 2018
Publication date: 30 June 2018
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


As per the agreement with the Federal Government for the Rural Profit project B.WBC.0001 "Fastracking weed biocontrol" this CMA was to support reporting and so completion activities.

Specific actions include:

  • External audit of the project
  • Draw maps of release sites for final report
  • MLA journalist or other to call researcher/ producer and write stories / case studies (MLA approved writer)
  • Proofing of a final report - plain English summary
  • Evaluation tasks

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