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P.PSH.1097 - PIFT - Stage 2 Producer Innovation Fast-Track Program - Stream 2: New Products and Value Chains

Grass-finishing animals is a key contributor to taste and tenderness qualities. Dorper sheep produce good marbling without the need for grain-finishing, but the meat must be cooked 'low and slow' to prevent it becoming tough.

Project start date: 30 April 2018
Project end date: 18 May 2020
Publication date: 17 October 2023
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Lamb
Relevant regions: National


The Producer Innovation Fast Track pilot program aims to accelerate producer capability for innovation and adoption. This project is for a program participant in the New Food Products stream. Stage 1 of the DSSA project identified that the value chain for prime Dorper lamb can be redesigned using digital commerce and consumer feedback to iteratively improve the value proposition. This project will validate the willingness of the market to pay a premium through a new digital marketplace that harnesses social media combined with a shortened value chain to capture greater value for the producer. This project will assist in understanding which channels work best to reach selected commercial and retail clientele in the Brisbane and Melbourne markets.


This stage two project aims to build and validate the value proposition for a digital market place for Prime Dorper lamb to market the product's special attributes.

Objectives outlined for the participant in work agreement:
1. Customer development discoveries to validate what problem is being solved for whom (target market).
2. Design and develop digital trading entity.
3. Establish basic trading operations systems.
4. Proof of concept stereotypes.
5. Develop an initial marketing strategy.
6. Establish benchmark retail/food service financial models.
7. Establish social media/internet presence.
8. Website/app preparation.
9. Secure intellectual property rights.
10. Prepare generic regional market entry plan.
11. Undertake commercial (food service) marketing.
12. Pilot project management and assessment and final report submission.

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Contact Project Manager: Renelle Jeffrey