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A future focused trade site at Beef Australia 2021

01 April 2021

A variety of new technologies and tools addressing today’s challenges and the future needs of the industry will be on show at Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) Beef Australia 2021 trade site.

MLA’s trade site will feature a range of technologies and innovations that are bringing efficiencies and solutions across the supply chain.

MLA Managing Director, Jason Strong, said the timing of Beef Australia 2021 was well aligned with MLA’s renewed focus to ‘redefine resilience’ in the red meat industry through the adoption of research and development.

“We’re at a point where the Australian beef industry has prospects that we’ve never seen before and a real chance to be able to grow and seize opportunities through new technologies and innovation,” Mr Strong said.

“Beef Australia 2021 is a fantastic event for MLA to chat to producers one-on-one and demonstrate on-farm adoption tools and productivity technology to ultimately improve profitability and the long-term prosperity of our industry.”

Visitors to MLA’s trade site will be immersed in a value chain journey through five showcase areas:

  • Producer innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Value chain innovation
  • Growing market opportunities and
  • Community trust

The site will showcase resources, technology and tools, along with demonstrations of a selection of projects and programs being delivered by MLA and Integrity Systems Company (ISC) such as: ​

  • CattleBoss, an on-farm adoption tool that consolidates Australia’s available cattle parasite management resources into one centralised national database
  • Genetics SNP chips​ and calf alert devices to drive on-farm productivity
  • Traceability demonstrations with biometric retinal scanning
  • Carbon reduction resources, research and technology including carbon calculator​, livestock feed additives and soil health​ solutions
  • Advanced x-rayimaging​ and camera technologies used for objective carcase measurement
  • Beyond beef, value add products and sampling​ such as collagen beauty bars
  • Major marketing and business development programs​ keeping Aussie beef on the plate domestically and around the globe
  • Community engagement showcase including the Australian Beef Paddock to Plate Story experience in 360​.

MLA will also host a ‘producer services hub where producers can receive MLA, ISC and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program information and assistance with the self-service tools available to better manage their business needs.​

The MLA trade site is located at OP182 directly opposite The Pavilion.