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Corporate documents

Strategic Plan

MLA’s Strategic Plan sets out the strategic direction and the investment priorities which will contribute to the profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness of the red meat and livestock industry.

Download the Strategic Plan 2025 

Download the Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Statutory Funding Agreement

MLA constitution

Details the legal framework for MLA activities.

Meat Industry Strategic Plan (Red Meat 2030)

Red Meat 2030 (previously called the Meat Industry Strategic Plan) was developed by the Red Meat Advisory Council in consultation with industry and represents a single view of the future of the Australian red meat and livestock industry. Red Meat 2030 was released in October 2019 and provides a roadmap for 2020-2030 for the industry.

Sustainability Update

The update demonstrates our investments in sustainability, our commitment to transparency of our production systems and our unwavering focus on continuous improvement through proactive adoption and practice change.