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Final Reports 2014-15

MLA Donor Company projects completed in 2014-15 are listed in the project final reports table below. This list contains links through to the project summaries and final reports in the MLA R&D reports database.

2014-15 Project Delivery Date

Project Completion Date Start Date
MAR9685B1 – Rib Cutter X-Ray Integration 30/06/2015 02/09/2012
Developing capability in economic impact analyses to facilitate John Dee’s CISP strategic objectives in material handling 30/06/2015 01/10/2013
Increasing organic beef production on Australian farms 30/06/2015 01/06/2013
Trim UV light E. Coli intervention project to maintain market access to US and other markets 30/06/2015 01/10/2014
Teys Australia Food Solutions Strategic Portfolio Review 30/06/2015 18/08/2014
TAFS - Deli specialist training & insights 29/06/2015 22/08/2014
Dielectric Induction of Temporary Insensibility in cattle - animal trials 22/06/2015 12/01/2013
The absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion study of radiolabelled meloxicam in sheep following trans-mucosal delivery 16/06/2015 12/01/2012
Teys Australia – Scoping study to understand unrealised value through the supply chain 15/06/2015 01/02/2015
TEYS29 Collaborative Innovation Strategies Program Stage 2 12/06/2015 01/08/2011
Beef Cube Roll Bandsaw Attachment Mk2 04/06/2015 31/01/2015
Automated Goat Head Browning 01/06/2015 15/04/2012
Frenched Lamb Racks 13/05/2015 17/03/2010
HPP Tenderness 13/05/2015 23/03/2009
Commercialisation of Dedagging Implement 12/05/2015 21/10/2004
Feasibility of using alternative storm water treatment technologies and new innovative policy, for sustainably managing contaminated storm water run-off 12/05/2015 15/10/2014
Base line energy consumption analysis and development of Stanbroke Beef's energy optimisation plan 28/04/2015 06/10/2014
Feasibility Study for Alternative Boiler Fuels 22/04/2015 25/04/2014
Identifying agrifood oportunities for designing food products for Healthy Ageing – a Cortellis data fusion pilot for mining big data 17/04/2015 15/08/2014
JBS Commercial evaluation and viability of lamb frenching using the prototype McLaren iFrench water racking technology. 15/04/2015 01/04/2012
FIE – Evaluation of semi-automated modular automation, adoption of ATTEC Lamb Rack Barrel Machine 15/04/2015 01/10/2014
A ‘Proof of Concept Trial’ to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing an electronic NVD system 10/04/2015 25/08/2014
HEARD Systems' pregnancy diagnosis device for cows 25/03/2015 10/11/2009
Automated Lamb barrel break up 25/03/2015 03/08/2012
Pre-feasibility Study for Value Adding of Organic Wastes 14/03/2015 15/10/2014
Sheep Auto Bung Cutting System 12/03/2015 28/10/2009
Microwave stunning – Wagstaff IP protection 10/03/2015 11/01/2012
Using GS1 barcoding to resolve missing port marks in loads of meat in the US 04/03/2015 01/08/2014
Feasibility study for the use of anaerobic digestion and biogas energy generation at a meat processing facility 01/03/2015 15/05/2014
Ryan Meat Company – Commercial to industrial refrigeration upgrade feasibility and implementation study 27/02/2015 01/09/2013
Smartshape auto bagger – Teys Australia Beenleigh (New vs Old Smartshape design) 26/02/2015 03/03/2014
Manual Assist Beef and Lamb applications including Quarter Beef Hydraulic Lifting 20/02/2015 21/10/2013
GnRH agonist delivered via a slow release implant technology to control reproductive function of the female bovine reproductive axis 18/02/2015 24/12/2010
Conducting Minus40 Screw Compressor Degradation Tests and developing capability at JBS Australia Pty Limited, Dinmore 11/02/2015 07/05/2013
Value Added Red meat opportunities with Lupin 11/02/2015 01/06/2014
Microwave E-coli eradication process intervention – Stage 1 09/02/2015 17/07/2013
Remote Optimisation systems for Ammonia Refrigeration Plant 06/02/2015 01/02/2012
Hardwicks - kosher shearing lamb necks 31/12/2014 03/08/2013
Open innovation invention solution for carcase temperature regulation 31/12/2014 04/10/2013
Wagyu Genetics Collaboration Research Project 31/12/2014 15/10/2012
Oakey Abattoir Paunch Drying & Re-use 29/12/2014 28/07/2014
Open innovation invention solution trial for Objective Carcase Measurement. 12/12/2014 08/10/2012
Gas consumption reduction in rendering plant at T&R Pastoral Murray Bridge 01/11/2014 15/10/2012
Capripox: Enhancing Australia’s serodiagnostic and surveillance capabilities for sheeppox, goatpox and lumpy skin disease 31/10/2014 25/06/2012
High Pressure Processing – R&D Project 29/10/2014 25/01/2011
Development of microbiological process control of beef slaughter and dressing 30/09/2014 28/02/2014
TEYS21 - Piloting a sustainable change management program focusing on developing an innovative safety culture 29/09/2014 20/08/2009
Development of Materials and Delivery of Innovation Development Program 10/09/2014 15/03/2014
TEY30 Graduate - Bilopela - Laura Cutajar 29/08/2014 01/04/2011
Abattoir site energy balance – with particular emphasis on use of recycled process water for refrigeration condenser operation (shell & tube) 31/07/2014 15/05/2013
JBS X-ray middle/primal integrated LEAP further development 25/07/2014 27/06/2014
Carcase Handling (Meat Lumping) Phase 1 23/07/2014 03/08/2012
Developing innovative supply chain data capture and transfer platform for MLA’s eNVD POC Trial 22/07/2014 05/02/2014