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MDC Final Reports

MLA Donor Company projects completed in 2015-2017 are listed in the project final reports table below. This list contains links through to the project summaries and final reports in the MLA R&D reports database.

2015-17 Project Delivery Date

Project Completion Date Start Date
Prime X Connect - Automated boxed beef market place 30/03/2022 15/01/2017
Identifying snacking occasions with red meat 09/09/2018 08/07/2017
Development of a sustainable energy strategy for Kilcoy Pastoral Group 10/03/2018 10/04/2017
Investigate augmented vision technologies to improve subjective carcase assessment 14/02/2018 20/03/2017
Prime X Connect - Automated boxed beef Marketplace
Investigation in alternative wastewater treatment options for a large beef processing facility 31/12/2017 20/02/2017
ALC CISP Program 01/12/2017 01/10/2014
Risk-Based Evaluation of Disposition Judgement Criteria used for Lot Fed Cattle Totally Condemned for Polyarthritis 30/11/2017 10/03/2017
Autonomous Range Management Vehicle: Proof of Concept 30/11/2017 01/05/2017
Rendering Plant Biofilter Design and Demonstration 29/11/2017 01/06/2017
Review of Hardwicks Stage 1 CISP and design of Stage 2 Co-Innovation Program 05/11/2017 07/08/2017
Teys Business Accelerator - new value add business development (Stage 2) 16/10/2017 16/11/2015
Objective Primal Measurement OPM - Pack-off Primal Pick and Pack Fundamental Vision and Sensing Evaluation 30/09/2017 20/04/2015
General feasibility review of an automated bio-energy and waste water treatment plant (Phase 1) 30/09/2017 19/12/2016
Sheep hock tip cutting/neck sanitising automation 24/08/2017 20/03/2014
Churchill Abattoir wastewater characterisation 30/07/2017 03/04/2017
Frews Lamb Meat in Cooked Meals for Direct Sales 30/06/2017 01/01/2017
Livestock Data Link trials & implementation 30/06/2017 11/07/2016
The Impact of Oestradiol only Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs) on eating quality 30/06/2017 01/05/2014
ALC: Development and Implementation of Collaborative Innovation Strategies program (Stage 1) for Australian Lamb Company (Colac) / MLA 24/06/2017 01/11/2015
Top Cut - Collaborative Innovation Programe Innovation Manager 30/05/2017 01/04/2014
Beef DEXA Supply Chain Grading - LMY (Stage 2) 16/05/2017 15/09/2016
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Freedom Assurance Program (TSEFAP) 11/04/2017 01/11/2014
Foot-and-Mouth Disease risk management project 31/03/2017 20/12/2013
Utilising Environmental Upgrade Agreements to drive investments in solar farming at Australian Abattoirs 26/03/2017 07/02/2017
Design measurement and verification of wastewater emissions reduction and biogas capture to offset natural gas/coal consumption 20/03/2017 25/02/2013
Development and extensions of a comprehensive BREEDPLAN proof of concept package using research and industry data 31/01/2017 15/02/2016
Impacts on consumer acceptance of beef from interactions between pH, meat colour and packaging 30/01/2017 01/09/2015
Spray cabinet E. Coli intervention project to maintain market access to US and other markets 24/01/2017 01/12/2014
Hyperspectral Food Safety Inspection System 24/01/2017 10/08/2015
Harvey Beef Supplier Portal Development 20/12/2016 01/08/2015
Bio Pacific Final Report 14/11/2016 25/08/2016
Beef mechanically deboned meat (MDM) DEXA based process control 10/10/2016 21/04/2015
APM case ready mince – evaluation of process design and shelf life 29/09/2016 26/10/2015
Semi-automated lamb rack fat cap and flap Removal (WAMMCO) 26/09/2016 01/03/2015
Objective Beef Hide Grading 20/09/2016 01/04/2016
LEAP VI automated forequarter deboning system – Stage 1 concept development 02/09/2016 01/05/2015
Tallangatta Chiller Sortation system and data capture for smallstock plant 01/09/2016 20/07/2014
DigitDetect - Small Processor/Value Added Bandsaw Reduced Cuts Mechanism 29/08/2016 24/03/2015
Bindaree Beef Value Chain mapping research 17/08/2016 18/04/2016
IFFA 2016 Technology Exhibition, Study Program and Global IP scanning 11/08/2016 01/04/2016
A supply chain approach to supporting sustainable beef production 21/07/2016 01/01/2014
Radford 2D traceability in smallstock processing 07/07/2016 15/10/2014
JBS - category management analysis 06/07/2016 02/06/2014
JDW: Development and Implementation of collaborative Innovation Strategies program (Stage 1) for John Dee/MLA 01/07/2016 01/07/2013
Feasibility of an Integrated and Automated Bio-energy and Waste Water 30/06/2016 16/04/2016
Leap V Forequarter system - Further development (yield/speed) 30/06/2016 20/04/2015
Potential for rangeland grassfed assurance programs in Western Australia 30/06/2016 23/11/2015
Milne Agri group red meat ready to eat capability 28/06/2016 01/11/2015
Greenleaf Value chain scenario modelling 20/06/2016 27/02/2015
JBS2 Collaborative Innovation Strategies Partnership program Stage 2 20/06/2016 01/01/2013
Teys Australia Learning & applying category insights (TAFS-CATMAN) 06/06/2016 23/03/2015
Lamb DEXA grading supply chain demonstration 02/06/2016 01/02/2016
MAR collaborative adoption, capability and research strategy PHASE 2 (MAR010791Q1) 27/05/2016 01/05/2014
JBS32 -Dinmore Plant Beef Rib Cutting STAGE 2 23/05/2016 02/05/2011
JBS2.2 – CISP Innovation Manager 18/05/2016 01/01/2013
Beef heavy bone saw (with AirBlade) – osso bucco 16/05/2016 20/05/2015
Sheep Industry Business Model development 02/05/2016 15/10/2015
eNVD Nolan Meats software development 28/04/2016 30/09/2015
Aglive eNVD software development (stage 2 upgrade) 27/04/2016 15/08/2015
Northern Beef Infrastructure Review (NBIR) 19/04/2016 15/05/2015
Lactic Acid application to extend shelf life of long aged chilled lamb racks 18/04/2016 01/10/2014
Development of container loading concept using rapid prototyping methods– Phase 1 04/04/2016 24/11/2014
JBS2 Collaborative Innovation Strategies Partnership program Stage 2 31/03/2016 03/12/2012
Wodonga Abattoir 6 Way Cut Automation 30/03/2016 15/11/2013
LEAP VII - Manual Measure Single Tower Primal Cutting System for Small to Medium Australian Processing Companies 17/03/2016 20/04/2015
Business Case Analysis for a National PIC Registration System 09/03/2016 15/01/2015
Beef Striploin Saw Australian Sales and Marketing Demonstration and Commercialisation Unit 01/03/2016 02/06/2013
Implementation of the industry’s online feedback system Livestock Data Link in JBS’s Southern Beef and Lamb operations 26/02/2016 01/01/2015
Comgroup Pulled Beef – proof of concept 15/02/2016 05/12/2014
Proof of concept for new lamb carcass grading tools (Stage 1) 12/02/2016 03/01/2013
Teys (TAFS) Deli Hot Box Grab’n’Go red meat strategy 10/02/2016 09/03/2015
Developing Stanbroke Beef's capabilities in assessing and implementing a refrigeration optimisation plan 04/02/2016 01/10/2014
Investigating potential benefits of biomass recirculation in a covered anaerobic lagoon 28/01/2016 15/11/2014
JD Diagnostic, predictive and preventative tools for sheep and cattle 21/01/2016 01/07/2011
Trim auger spray E. coli intervention project to maintain market access to US and other markets 17/01/2016 01/12/2014
Feasibility Study of Organic Waste Value Adding and Cost Reduction 17/01/2016 15/06/2015
Changes in within-flock prevalence of M Ptb shedding following vaccination with Gudair™ for OJD 12/01/2016 01/07/2010
Novatein Bio-polymer 22/12/2015 26/10/2012
Development of a prototype odour test rig concept to characterise and manage odour 16/12/2015 30/03/2015
LEAP Professional Media Productions (JBS Bordertown and ALC Sunshine) 16/12/2015 15/06/2015
Dry Aged Beef – Good manufacturing practices 11/12/2015 06/10/2014
Teys Business Accelerator - design and review of innovation model (Stage1) 06/12/2015 15/06/2015
Enterprise Innovation Capability Assessment and Development Plan 01/12/2015 14/06/2015
Beaufort Rivers Meat – LDL Pilot Support 30/11/2015 14/09/2015
Simplot - Identifying new products for Healthy Ageing Sector – ideation capability development (Innovation Jam and Big Data Analytics tools) 17/11/2015 20/02/2015
STAGE 1 – Process control of sheep processing and product shelf life improvement 16/11/2015 14/09/2015
ALC Colac LEAP III Production System Upgrade Project 12/11/2015 01/01/2014
Development of Frews Ready Meal Supply Chain Value Add Strategy 05/11/2015 20/10/2014
Production modelling - supply chain and capability 03/11/2015 15/01/2015
Feasibility study into the use of reusable plastic totes in the meat industry 30/10/2015 15/05/2014
BEF: Development of a single dose Bovine Ephemeral Fever Vaccine 26/10/2015 01/11/2010
Top Cut - Smartshaped Beef proof of concept evaluations 16/10/2015 27/10/2014
Developing JBS capabilities to identify insights in product, process and packaging to meet market needs 03/10/2015 18/08/2015
Stage 1 – Enhancing capability to understand the relationship between meat colour, pH and retail meat colour 27/09/2015 20/07/2015
DAFWA China Insights Study Tour 10/09/2015 15/07/2015
LEAP IV – ALC automatically loaded lamb middle system 07/09/2015 01/08/2012
Process control of sheep processing and possible effects on product shelf life 06/09/2015 01/06/2015
Development of Livestock Market Analysis Service 02/09/2015 17/01/2013
Production and market validation of shaped beef products using the SmartShape machine(Stanbroke Beef) 27/08/2015 15/07/2014
Attainment of AUSMEAT Accreditation of the VIAscan Sheep Carcase System for GR Fat Scoring of Lamb Carcases 12/08/2015 07/07/2008
Thomas Foods Collaborative Innovation System Program 12/08/2015 01/04/2012
Identifying the key segments of producer behaviour in the WA Sheep Supply Chain 31/07/2015 01/03/2015
MLA specific enhancements of 'Payoffs from research and development along the Australian food value chain' CIE model 31/07/2015 01/04/2015
FIE - A Value Chain approach to improving animal health performance (Stage 1) 20/07/2015 01/03/2015
NCMC Developing Organisational Culture to Drive Innovation Growth and Profitability 30/08/2014 15/07/2014
NCMC Collaborative innovation Innovation program professional development 02/05/2014 01/12/2013