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Going into Goats and other best practice resources: development, promotion, and printing

Project start date: 15 August 2006
Project end date: 16 July 2007
Publication date: 16 July 2007
Livestock species: Goat


B.GOA.0006, B.GOA.0008, B.GOA.0009, B.GOA.0010,  B.GOA.0012, B.GOA.0019, B.GOA.0026, B.GOA.0027, B.GOA.0029, B.GOA.0035, B.GOA.0036, B.GOA.0083, B.GOA.0087, B.GOA.0093, B.COM.0158, B.COM.1067, B.GOA.1701, B.GOA.1801 and B.EES.0053 were established to cover expenses regarding  a national roadshow, regional workshops, printing and production costs associated with the design, re-printing and launching of the Going into Goats profitable producers best practice manual. The manual now included 12 separate modules with content ranging from property planning, marketing and depot management. Costs associated with production, designing and printing of other extension support materials such as the Weed Control Using Goats information booklet were also covered through these projects. Funds were allocated to support these activities from 2005 through to 2018.