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Election of producer representatives to the MLA Board Selection Committee

Role of the Selection Committee

The role of the Selection Committee is to call for applications, review, interview and then report on the suitability of candidates for election or re‑election to the office of director of MLA.

The Selection Committee has nine members. The cattle, lot feeder and sheepmeat peak councils each appoint one member; two non‑voting members are MLA directors; and the remaining four members are producer representatives elected at the MLA AGM for a period of three years.

At the 2021 AGM, MLA cattle producer members voted to elect Julie McDonald to the Selection Committee and she is completing year two of her three-year term.

Producer representatives on the Selection Committee are paid a sitting fee in accordance with MLA policy and expenses are covered for travel to attend meetings.

2023 Election

At this year’s annual general meeting (AGM) being held on 23 November 2023, MLA producer members can elect three representatives (one each for cattle, feedlot and sheepmeat) to the MLA Board Selection Committee for a three-year term.

Only members who hold votes in the relevant producer member class are eligible to vote in that class.

All producer nominees will be put forward to the AGM for a vote.

Producer members wishing to nominate a person, or wishing to nominate themselves for election to the MLA Board Selection Committee at the 2023 MLA AGM, must give written notice to MLA by 18 September 2023.