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Beef campaigns

You’re Thinking Beef 2022

Launching May 22, the new Australian Beef campaign titled You’re Thinking Beef will stamp beef’s position as the unbeatable protein choice in a range of popular mid-week meals.

Key Points:

  • 85% of shopping missions for protein are for Mid-Week meals, making it the most competitive and important occasion to drive scale, frequency and volume.
  • It is no secret that deciding “what’s for dinner?” can be a weekly battle for families and households. With increasingly busy lifestyles and more and more options available, consumers are looking for an easy, delicious and affordable solution to feed their families when it comes to weeknight meals.
  • 40% of fresh meat purchases are made on the day of consumption highlighting that the decision-making process for midweek meals can be influenced until the last minute.

You’re Thinking Beef aims to drive sales volume and household penetration of beef. The campaign idea will provide a solution to the midweek consumer tension of “what’s for dinner?” and address the challenges of ease, versatility and satisfying the whole family with delicious beef meals. The campaign will deliver recipe inspiration, useful tips and tricks with an ‘always on’ approach commencing in May 2022 with subsequent bursts in August – Dec 2022 and in early 2023 for back to school.

The campaign will appear in above the line channels across retail proximity out of home, online video and social featuring the top 10 most popular midweek meals across a range of cuts such as steak, spaghetti bolognaise and stir fry. Additionally, activity will be supported by seasonal retail activations in store and in butcher POS to drive sales at the point of purchase.

Finally, an ‘always on’ influencer partnership will share quick and easy meals with beef at key moments throughout the year with a range of talent. Content will showcase delicious beef meals that can fit within the weekly repertoire and demonstrate the variety of beef cuts to suit every budget.

The BBQ Beef Squad - Summer 2021

BBQ Beef Squad.jpg

This summer, four influencers come together as ‘the Beef BBQ Squad’: Brian-the-Butcher (a familiar face from our TV ads), Pip Pratt (head chef at Bistecca steak restaurant), Mitch Davis (executive chef and well respected BBQ food influencer) and Randi Thraves (from Smokin’ hot & saucy BBQ).

The Beef BBQ squad will appear in a three-part video series to be published on Australian Beef social media channels from late November.

The six-week phased campaign will focus on easy summer meal solutions for at-home cooks with content to run across online advertising, social media, outdoor advertising, retail and butcher point of sale materials. Key purchasing decisions happen in store, so the campaign will include advertising at supermarkets to remind shoppers to choose beef for its quality, taste and ease of cooking.

In addition to 'The Beef BBQ Squad' content across social channels, the campaign includes Aussie Beef recipe content across digital media and a partnership with Taste – with a Beef recipe gallery providing meal ideas for the family and supporting premium steak cuts to align with retail promotions in store.

For more information on the campaign, or to view the content, visit or Australian Beef social channels.

Australian Beef makes the greatest meals on earth - Winter 2020

Winter Beef 2020.jpg

Utilising the ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ brand platform, which was successfully launched in 2017 the winter campaign includes a re-run of our master brand TVC to help reinforce and demonstrate greatness with Beef’s versatility and ease by positioning beef recipes as a solution for quick and easy mid-week meals.

Running from mid April through to August, the 2020 Winter Campaign will demonstrate why Australian Beef is the greatest, raising consumer awareness around the quality and provenance of Australian Beef. 

The integrated campaign will appear across outdoor, social, digital, TV, and point of sale. Watch the latest TVC to the popular ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ campaign.

Australian Beef. The Greatest - Pre-summer 2019/2020

Beef Package 560x227.jpgBeef’s brand positioning of ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest.’ has provided a platform to showcase beef as a high quality protein, and reassure consumers the greatest meat on earth is 100% Australian.

The campaign will reinforce Beef’s versatility and ease by positioning beef recipes as a solution for quick and easy mid-week meals. Additionally, reassuring consumers the greatest beef is indeed from Australia.

There is a strong focus on the path to purchase journey for the consumer to convert their intention to buy beef, especially during one of the busiest periods for retail.

The promotional period is November-December and will include TV, online, social, radio, out of home, and butcher’s point of sale. 

Australian Beef. The Greatest for easy mid-week meals - Winter 2019

Winter Beef 2019.JPGThe quality, versatility and ease of cooking will be promoted as a part of the Australian Beef 2019 Winter Campaign.

Utilising the popular ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ platform and Brian the butcher, the campaign is centred around positioning beef recipes as the solution for quick and easy mid-week meals.

The campaign will run throughout June and July, building on the existing year-round promotion of Australian Beef.

The integrated campaign will run across a number of channels, including a national TV campaign in metro and regional Australia, radio and a series of videos showcasing meal inspiration for “easy everyday” whilst reinforcing beef’s trusted quality.

Australian Beef. The Greatest - Summer 2019

Summer Beef 2019.jpgThe greatest meat on earth comes from our own backyard, and that is something every Australian should be proud of. In this next chapter we set out to remind Australians by choosing Australian Beef, they are enjoying the freshest, highest quality and best tasting meat (from the greatest country on earth!)

As a continuation of the first chapter, this latest campaign raises awareness around the quality and provenance of Australian beef in a fun and humorous way. Ultimately we want to inspire people to cook and eat Australian beef with compelling stories that matter to them.

In addition to the provenance focus, the campaign will reinforce and demonstrate greatness with Beef’s versatility and ease by positioning beef recipes as a solution for quick and easy mid-week meals.

The integrated campaign will run across national TV, print partnership, out of home advertising, digital, social and radio. In addition, we’ve partnered with some talented chefs (Adam Liaw – former MasterChef winner, and Frank Camorra – head chef of MoVida) to help amplify the campaign via an activation as well as share their favourite beef recipes.

Australian Beef. The Greatest - Winter Campaign

Everyone.jpgAustralian Beef is the greatest meat on earth says MLA’s new domestic Beef marketing campaign, launched in July 2017.

The main message: Australia produces the greatest Beef in the world. When it comes to taste, tenderness, flavour and quality, nothing comes close.

The new platform evolves from the previous “You’re Better on Beef” campaigns and inspires consumers to reconnect with beef by incorporating messages spanning versatility, nutrition, provenance, welfare, sustainability and eating quality.

The campaign includes a radio partnership with NOVA FM, online/social media content and a TV commercial that uses an original song, “The greatest song on earth”, to remind Australians of the greatness of Beef.

The commercial starts off in a local butcher shop and cuts to famous landmarks across Australia and around the world to show how a customer’s request for ‘just’ a rump steak fails to do justice to the greatness of Beef.

The online piece includes appearances from Aussies who embody greatness, legendary cricket commentator Bill Lawry, award-winning actor Kate Ritchie and Olympic gold medallist, Liesel Jones.