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Northern Breeding Business (NB2)

Northern Breeding Business (NB2)

MLA’s NB2 project has set the ambitious target to deliver an estimated $20 million/year in net benefits by 2027 to 250 northern beef enterprises.

NB2 pillars

Benefits to producers

NB2 will provide multiple benefits to northern producers and the wider beef industry, including:

  • a 5:1 return on investment by improving reproductive rates, decreasing mortality, increasing turn-off weight and improving genetic potential in northern herds
  • education, training, mentoring and employment opportunities for people entering or already engaged in the northern beef industry
  • improved public perceptions around animal health and welfare, leading to increased consumer trust in Australian beef.

Get involved

Four regionally diverse pilot producer groups will be established across northern Australia to provide direction and insight for the NB2 project:

  • one group from the Kimberley, WA
  • one group from the NT
  • two groups from Queensland.

Any producer who currently operates a beef breeding business in the northern Regional Beef Research Committee regions is welcome to join these groups (provided they meet certain criteria).

Producer groups will be supported by beef producer coordinators and state department extension staff.


1. What will I get out of NB2?

Customised herd management plan

NB2 will provide producers with a process to identify issues limiting the performance of their breeder herd as well as overall productivity. To address the issues identified, participants will have the opportunity to build a customised, cost-effective breeder herd management plan. 

Learn from your peers

Participants will be able to interact and share ideas with other producers in a group-learning environment under the guidance of a consultant.

Understand your business

Over a two to three year period, the NB2 groups will support producers with the implementation and monitoring of herd management plans. Participants will gain a better understanding of their overall business as part of this process.

2. How do I know if I have a reproductive efficiency or calf mortality problem?

Here are two resources to help identify a calf mortality or reproductive efficiency problem:

3. How much of my time will be involved?

This will be different for each producer. Factors impacting the time involved for each participant include:

  • how much a producer wants to get out of the program
  • participant’s current capital set-up and management program
  • interaction with other group members and the consultant.

There will be several professional development days (in a group-learning environment) a year over a two to three year period. A checklist covering what producers need to do to participate will be provided. 

4. How much will it cost?

The fee to join an NB2 producer group is $1,500/person (including GST).

There may also be costs in gathering the required information, depending on the individual’s situation. For example, if you’re not already pregnancy testing (preferably with foetal aging), this will be an additional expense. Some of the recommended changes could involve capital costs, which will be accompanied by a cost-benefit analysis.