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Brand building

The main objectives for MLA's brand building activities are to increase the awareness of, and preference for, Australian grassfed beef and lamb in the North American retail and foodservice sectors, and among consumers.

Australia is widely recognised as being a reliable and safe supplier of beef in North America, however this has generally been among the trade sector, rather than consumers. In the lamb sector, Australia also competes with New Zealand for awareness among consumers.

While Australia has recognition in retail and foodservice, there is also a focus on expanding that knowledge into new sectors, which adds value to the export supply chain. In addition, there are target regions for both beef and lamb, in which MLA has specific programs to build awareness and a preference for Australian grassfed beef and lamb.

Frozen manufacturing beef retains the lion’s share of Australian exports to North America, but the rapid growth in chilled grassfed beef in recent years presents an opportunity  to position Australia as a niche supplier of quality grassfed products besides beef for burgers and other processed items.