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Sustainable grazing - a producer resource

Good quality pasture makes livestock production systems more efficient and leads to reduced methane emissions per hectare.

Sustainable grazing - a producer resource will explain how grazing management techniques can be used to acheive these productivity and emissions benefits.

There are five sections in this resource:

  1. Running a sustainable grazing business
  2. Climate variability - using water wisely
  3. Healthy fertile soils
  4. Productive, persistent and profitable pastures
  5. Grazing management

Each section outlines best practice and references appropriate tools and case studies of producers who are implementing these practices on their properties.

Sustainable grazing - a producer resource was developed through Farm300, an initiative to assist Australian livestock producers increase on-farm productivity and profitability while decreasing GHG emissions intensity from livestock production.

This resource was based on the MLA publications Towards sustainable grazing and Grazing land management: Sustainable and productive natural resource management and incorporates the latest research outcomes and knowledge.