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Influencer brothers the Fairbairns return to the farm with Australian Good Meat

27 March 2024

Social media influencers Jaxon and Lachlan Fairbairn have partnered with Australian Good Meat, a program of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), to launch a brand-new social media campaign sharing positive messages about red meat producers caring for their livestock and the environment to produce healthy beef and lamb.

The Fairbairn brothers are both familiar with the red meat industry, having grown up on a mixed farming property near Murray Bridge in South Australia.

Known for their humorous takes on a wide range of topics, Jaxon and Lachlan have grown a substantial following, especially among younger audiences, via YouTube Fairbairn Films (with 1.71m subscribers), TikTok @lachlanfairbairn (1.7m followers) and Instagram @fairbairnfilms (199,000 followers).

The campaign features videos of the brothers visiting four red meat producing properties: SA Cattle Company and Wunderbar Lamb in South Australia and The Food Farm and Yeo Farm in New South Wales.

General Manager for Communications and Adoption at MLA, Dr Jane Weatherley, said partnering with the Fairbairns for Australian Good Meat was an exciting opportunity to tell the great stories of Australian red meat to new audiences.

“Jaxon and Lachlan are no strangers to farm life but are in a unique position to show their broad audience the reality of Australian red meat production,” Dr Weatherley said.

“Through a range of humorous short videos on their social media channels, the brothers visited a range of red meat properties around the country and displayed their farm skills alongside those who work the land for a living.

“This social media campaign, which is aimed at a younger, metropolitan audience, will show that the Australian red meat industry cares about its animals and is committed to sustainability and the environment.”

Australian Good Meat is a program by MLA which provides valuable information about cattle, sheep and goat production in Australia, focusing primarily on animal welfare, protecting the environment and health and nutrition.

The Fairbairn brothers said they were keen to help spread the good word on Australian red meat.

“We feel that there is a perception that farmers don’t care about their animals which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Lachlan Fairbairn said.

“Farmers care for their animals both out of compassion and because a happy animal produces good meat. It is as simple as that.”

This campaign is part of a broader social media influencer program run by Australian Good Meat. MLA’s Australian Good Meat platform partners with respected social media influencers to engage Australians with information on red meat production and its environmental, nutritional and ethical credentials.

MLA’s 2023 ‘Influencer Farm Tour’ campaign has been shortlisted for the Mumbrella CommsCon "Best Influencer Strategy" award, demonstration the positive impact that the Australian Good Meat social influencer campaigns are having.

As the social media influencer program continues to gain momentum, a diverse range of influencers like the Fairbairns, are being engaged to develop innovative and engaging content that highlights all the positive stories of the Australian red meat industry.

This campaign, which has gone live on Australian Good Meat’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and the Fairbairn Films Instagram account has already gained over 950,000 views since its launch on Thursday 21 March 2024.

A new video will be posted every week for the next three weeks on Australian Good Meat and Fairbairn Films social accounts.