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New eTool helps producers select productive pastures

30 August 2023

Producers can now make more informed forage sowing decisions by accessing a new, free eTool developed by the Pasture Trial Network (PTN), based on independent information on cultivar performance collected from trials completed over the last decade. Finding the right pasture cultivars that will increase seasonal production and persistence in producers’ individual locations and environments and pastures is made easier by the tool’s ability to provide localised cultivar-specific seasonal performance data.

The PTN is an industry program jointly funded by MLA through the MLA Donor Company (MDC), Dairy Australia and propriety seed companies operating in Australia. It aims to facilitate the productivity of the national temperate feedbase through the tool’s comparison of the performance of over 100 pasture varieties across the key pasture species for the red meat industry.  

Going forward, the Network will focus on expanding the data available to producers across new regions and species to support producers to continually make the best and most informed sowing decisions.

The PTN has developed an annual survey to guide the program in future years to better understand how producers, advisors and consultants engage with the PTN data and eTool. Your feedback is valued – complete the PTN survey here